Accommodation Crisis

Including: Crisis of Accommodation, Crisis in Accommodation, Acute Accommodation Crisis, Serious Accommodation Crisis, Major Accommodation Crisis

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1972 - 2012

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Is my hon. Friend aware how much the Accommodation Crisis vitiates overseas aid in this important area of education and is he also aware how much a change in the proportion of the fund given to married accommodation will be welcomed by those housing trusts and associations which can make a contribution, however small, in this programme?


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There was always a Crisis of Accommodation at the beginning of the year.

If the housing market is made even less fluid, as it will be by the Bill, the Crisis of Accommodation to which my right hon. Friend referred will be made worse.

We are facing a Crisis in Accommodation already.

1976 to 1990

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over 14 years

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There is no hostel accommodation, so the students are in direct competition with other people for housing and there is an Acute Accommodation Crisis at crucial times of the year.

That will create a Major Accommodation Crisis for one of the finest educational establishments in the Lanarkshire area.

Do not we face a Serious Accommodation Crisis in polytechnics and universities as a consequence of this scheme, and in particular as a result of the Government's failure to announce the student loans regulations, details of the withdrawal of benefit or how the access funds are to operate, as the hon. Member for Norwich, North (Mr. Thompson) asked?

1993 to 2012

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over 19 years

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It is worth emphasising to the Minister, in case he is not aware of it,that, because of the Accommodation Crisis for the two universities in Aberdeen, students live in a very large area served by the railway line in my hon. Friend's constituency, and also live in my constituency, where there is no railway at all.

Is the Minister aware of the Crisis in Accommodation for women fleeing violence?

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