Agadir Crisis

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1922 - 1979

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1922 to 1950

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The time is not come, this is not the moment to attempt to give any adequate or full appreciation of his remarkable qualities, or of the immense contribution which he made to the public fortunes; but if I were to select any one moment or episode, I would go back—and my right hon. Friend opposite will bear me out—to the meeting of the Committee of Imperial Defence at the time of the Agadir Crisis, in August, 1911, when the late Field-Marshal, then Director of Military Operations, stood up, and with prophetic and faultless accuracy, explained to all present the exact plan of the German invasion of France and Belgium which they would use in case of war.

Then came the Agadir Crisis, and Mr. Asquith decided that the Navy must have a war staff.

My first experience was as a lad in France during the Agadir Crisis, when the cynical French told me it was simply another plan of the armament firms to get more orders.


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The Act that I seek to repeal was introduced in the Agadir Crisis of 1911, the year that our Prime Minister was conceived - that is, if the gestation periods of Prime Ministers are similar to those for the rest of us.

30 on a Friday night during the debate on the Industry Bill in 1972, for, I believe the first time since the Agadir Crisis of 1913.

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