Alarming Crisis

Including: Present Alarming Crisis, This Alarming Crisis

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1804 - 1992

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1804 to 1813

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over nine years

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I agree with the right hon. gent, that government did think the country plated in a most Alarming Crisis, and I was, therefore, led to hope that those who were of that opinion would abstain from questions more calculated to engender dis- 882 content, to create fears, and to diffuse dissatisfaction, than likely to be of the slightest advantage to the public.

—With respect to the views entertained by his majesty's government on the Present Alarming Crisis, and the advantage which may be derived from the generous offer of the king of Sweden to assist in the defence of Denmark, I must refer you to my last dispatches.

It follows then that we ought to enquire in what state this foreign supreme jurisdiction now is, with reference to the state of affairs in Europe at this most Alarming Crisis.

1815 to 1819

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over four years

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Mr. Abercrombie replied, and said that the question for the House to decide was, whether those ministers who had been proved guilty of such criminal negligence, were fit persons to be trusted with the management of affairs in the Present Alarming Crisis.

The hon. and learned gentleman concluded with moving the second reading of the bill, after expressing his firm conviction of its necessity in the Present Alarming Crisis.

—We are fully aware of the Alarming Crisis at which we are arrived, and anxious that the public should be awakened to a sense of the danger to which they are exposed; we nevertheless feel a strong and well-grounded confidence in the zeal and loyalty of the great body of the people, and in the unanimity with which all good and honest men of every party and persuasion will stand forward in repelling every outrage and violence which may be attempted; and that they will co-operate with the civil authorities, in support of our laws and constitution, in the maintenance of public peace, and for the security of their properties and their lives.

If some arrangement was not effected before the period for the bullion payments arrived, under such a system of taxation, he feared an Alarming Crisis was near.

1826 to 1835

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over nine years

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He hoped this hint would not be lost at the Present Alarming Crisis, when every possible exertion should be made by all 774 classes to alleviate the sufferings of the starving manufacturers.

He could not, however, refrain from saying, that it was a most Alarming Crisis, a truly tremendous symptom of the times, when a national system of education could be founded upon a plan of separating the literary, and even the moral, instruction of the people from a knowledge of their religious obligations.

Viscount Strangford said, that on Monday last the ancient town of Coventry was thrown into a state of greater excitement than it had ever been since the time of the celebrated exhibition of the Lady Godiva, a paper with the heading 'Most Alarming Crisis,' was extensively circulated, and the public were informed 194 that papers were left for their signature at the Prince's Head, the Woolpack, the Rose and Crown, the Hand and Mace, and other public houses therein named.

1842 to 1962

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over 120 years

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but more recent events, and the Alarming Crisis that had arrived, had convinced him that nothing could satisfy the exigency but repeal of the Corn-law.

if in This Alarming Crisis he might advise absentee proprietors, he would say to them, "you must reside even for the sake of retaining your present rents.

I entirely endorse what the hon. Member for Sunderland, North said when he described it as being an Alarming Crisis.


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Above all, it is important for theGovernment to recognise the Alarming Crisis.

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