Army Crisis

Including: Recent Army Crisis, Crisis in the Army

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1914 - 1998

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Mr. GODFREY LOCKER-LAMPSON asked whether any War Office documents have during the Recent Army Crisis been published by the Government which, in the ordinary practice of the War Office, are regarded as confidential?

Mr. F. HALL (Dulwich) asked the Secretary of State for War if his attention has been called to the speech made by Major-General Sir Francis Lloyd at the annual regimental supper of the Honourable Artillery Company on 2nd April with regard to the Recent Army Crisis, and if the Army Council has considered it necessary to take any action in view of the statement by Sir Francis Lloyd that whatever the Army had done had emanated from the highest possible feelings of conscience?

Mr. G. LOCKER-LAMPSON asked the Prime Minister whether he will reconsider his decision not to publish the Reports received by the War-Office that attempts might be made to-seize Government stores in the North of Ireland, in view of the fact that the whole of the Recent Army Crisis and the events immediately preceding it were the direct outcome of these alleged Reports?

1937 to 1977

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I have never been an officer myself, and I have always held the opinion that warrant officers and non-commissioned officers are, at any rate, very useful in times of stress, danger and Crisis in the Army.

] In the summer of 1927, there occurred what came to be known locally as the Army Crisis.

There is a real Crisis in the Army and in other parts of the Armed Forces about pay.


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If the Territorials, such as the five Leicestershire units that may be under threat, are cut, will he not have fewer reserves to draw on, when there is increasing Crisis in the Army?

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