Bigger Crisis

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1950 - 2016

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1950 to 1973

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over 23 years

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If we fail, by 1952 we shall be in a Bigger Crisis than that of 1931.

It has been a much Bigger Crisis than has affected any other industry in the land.

Their balance sheet mentality produced a Bigger Crisis than they set out to solve.

A much Bigger Crisis is on the horizon.

1976 to 1987

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over 11 years

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More recently we have seen the impact they can have on the nation's financial situation, either by generating more uncertainty than there is already or by persuading people that there is a Bigger Crisis facing the country than in fact is the case.

We face a much Bigger Crisis.

We think that housing will become a Bigger Crisis than the National Health Service.

2001 to 2009

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over eight years

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If a Bigger Crisis had arisen that required those forces, the Italians, French and others taking part would have given priority to NATO.

The Government would like us to believe that the only mess that we really had to face was the sub-prime market in America, and it is true that some of our banks foolishly lost some money on that market, but we know that a far Bigger Crisis for the British banks was the mortgage crisis in Britain, where too much mortgage advance was made on house prices that were too inflated.

However, if I were playing devil's advocate, I could say that if population is growing in sub-Saharan Africa at 3 per cent per annum, which doubles every 20 years, the whole world is going to have a much Bigger Crisis than anything we have seen.

2011 to 2013

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I suggest that we are actually borrowing our way into a Bigger Crisis.

The arguments for the treaty amendment were relevant then and, in a sense, as the Bigger Crisis has grown and the uncertainties confronting us have magnified, the case for making a move of this kind as a contribution to trying to steady the situation and stabilise an unstable pattern is stronger than it was even when we debated it 14 months ago.

It has gone on longer in this case because we inherited a Bigger Crisis.

It is right and proper to invest in pre-apprenticeship training, but does he not agree that the Bigger Crisis is in whether those young people will have an apprenticeship to go on to?

2014 to 2016

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The World Health Organisation has described antibiotic resistance as a Bigger Crisis than the AIDs crisis of the 1980s.

Our natural environment as represented in our natural capital stocks and flows faces a Bigger Crisis every single year than the world faced in the 2008 global financial crisis, yet the crisis of the environment is invisible.

Our NHS faces a much Bigger Crisis, and that is staffing - both nurses and doctors.

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