Catastrophic Crisis

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1963 - 2004

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1963 to 1981

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over 18 years

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My hon. Friend quoted the case of a Catastrophic Crisis where, in a comparatively short time after a house has been built, there is a sudden collapse which is visible to everyone.

The proposals which we have made for an Atlantic Nuclear Force, which the House accepted last December despite the most vigorous opposition from the party opposite, have already saved the Western Alliance from what threatened to be a Catastrophic Crisis over the M.L.F. [HON.

That must mean a Catastrophic Crisis for every hospital in the region.

1998 to 2004

two mentions

over six years

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It is therefore tragic that the college stumbled into a Catastrophic Crisis, which produced such a serious deficit last year.

There is a dire, Catastrophic Crisis level shortage of specialists".

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