Crisis in America

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1839 - 2011

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1839 to 1862

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over 23 years

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Now, it so happened, that stagnation of employment did occur in less than seven months after that conversation, and when he reminded Mr. F. Lewis of his observation, that gentleman said, "True, but then there was the Crisis in America".

Those which we have determined on pushing forward with the utmost despatch consistent with the proper execution of the work are lines which in the present Crisis in America must be looked to with the greatest interest.

Having, then, however feebly, paid his humble tribute to the memory of that illustrious Prince, he would venture to address a few words to their Lordships on another topic of the Speech from the Throne—he alluded to the present Crisis in America, which was one of the most important subjects which could at any time occupy the attention of Parliament and the country.

1930 to 1962

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over 32 years

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In the autumn of last year there had been no financial Crisis in America.

It was not until the bankers' Crisis in America that action was at last taken.

I think that Professor Galbraith in "The Great Crash", perhaps his most witty and amusing book, on the 1929 Crisis in America, said somewhere that the regulation of the economy is, at best, an unrewarding activity.

2009 to 2011

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Nor is it clear that the fallout from the original sub-prime Crisis in America will be confined to the West".

Government Members are not blaming the last Labour Government for the Crisis in America, the crisis in Greece, the crisis in Spain, the crisis in Portugal or the crisis in Ireland.

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