Crisis in Public Services

Including: Crisis in the Public Services, Crisis in Our Public Services

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1997 - 2016

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1997 to 2000

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over three years

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When there is a Crisis in the Public Services, we believe that it needs a crisis response.

When the right hon. Gentleman completes the comprehensive spending review, will he accept that, to deal with the Crisis in the Public Services, he will have to find money for the current year as well as for the three following years?

The Crisis in Our Public Services is not just about the recruitment of teachers, but concerns the recruitment of all public sector workers, including those in our hospitals, in the police and even in London Transport, which suffers from a dearth of people wanting to fill necessary jobs.


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We said that it was time for the Government to act on the state of Crisis in Our Public Services.


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I believe that the Crisis in the Public Services is, in most instances, considerably worse than it was when Labour took over in 1997.

Why does not the Chancellor accept that, put this distraction to one side, and concentrate on dealing with the Crisis in the Public Services of our country?

The Crisis in the Public Services in this country means that this is such a time".

2003 to 2016

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over 13 years

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Given that the so-called five economic tests have not been met, and that the harder the Government have tried to persuade the British people of the case for euro entry, the more strongly they have resisted, why does not the Chancellor abandon any plan to hand over massive powers for ever to people whom we do not elect and cannot remove, and concentrate instead on the Crisis in Our Public Services, which is letting people down week by week, month by month, and year by year of this failing Labour Government?

However, if you ask them whether they would like to see public services having less money, higher taxes in Scotland or a financial Crisis in Public Services in Scotland, you get a very different answer.

In criticising the space industry, it is often said that interest and investment in space is a luxurious folly and that, at a time of austerity and Crisis in Public Services, we cannot afford a space industry: why are we sending a man into space, when patients are lying in hospital corridors?

Even highly paid doctors cannot afford to get on the housing ladder in my constituency, and that is causing a Crisis in Public Services.

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