Crisis in the Car Industry

Including: Crisis in Our Car Industry

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1960 - 2000

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1960 to 1981

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The question I want to raise is one which is of quite serious importance to this country's export trade and which has arisen out of the Crisis in Our Car Industry, associated with the recent acquisition of the total holding by an American company of Fords, of Dagenham.

Having said that, however, I do not accept the suggestion of the hon. Member for Henley that we are not confronting a major Crisis in the Car Industry and in Chrysler.

The Crisis in the Car Industry is part of the crisis of British industry and part of the crisis of our nation.

1984 to 2000

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Is it not the case that because of theantics of this morning the urgent debate that Mr. Speaker decided we should have today on the Crisis in the Car Industry will almost inevitably be lost or deferred?

Will the Secretary of State also comment on the fact that, although the announcement is unambiguously excellent news, there is still a grave Crisis in the Car Industry?

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