Crisis in the Coal Trade

3 mentions.

1912 - 1926

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1912 to 1926

three mentions

over 14 years

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And whether, in view of the urgent need for the public being fully informed of the facts in the grave and imminent Crisis in the Coal Trade, he will take immediate steps to procure particulars of such arrangements and agreements, and cause the same to be published at the earliest possible date?

You are talking of the Crisis in the Coal Trade at the present moment, and there is no doubt that it is there, but who has produced it?

I would not be quoted as saying that the whole of the trouble in the coal trade arose from that cause, but I think I am entitled to say that in regard to the Crisis in the Coal Trade, the serious decline in industry and the increase in unemployment which took place in the late spring and early summer of last year, the return to the gold standard was the largest single cause in bringing about those effects.

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