Crisis in the Colony

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1853 - 1990

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1853 to 1878

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He was sensible that it was not then the proper time for going at length into all the details of the subject, and he should therefore refrain from further observations beyond expressing his fear of the important character of the Crisis in the Colony.

He had thought it desirable to make 1392 these remarks as introductory to the Question of which he had given Notice— namely, Whether the Under Secretary of State for the Colonies can give the House any information as to the present Crisis in the Colony of Victoria, and whether Papers on the subject will be laid on the Table?

A. MILLS asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies, Whether Her Majesty's Government have received any information from Sir George Bowen in reference to the Crisis in the Colony of Victoria?

1933 to 1990

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over 57 years

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At the time of the Federation, in 1867, it was fully anticipated that she would join Canada, and in 1895, when there was another financial Crisis in the Colony, negotiations took place between the two States and agreement was very nearly reached.

I spoke also about the international safety net if there is a Crisis in the Colony.

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