Crisis in the East

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1868 - 2010

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1868 to 1878

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over 10 years

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After alluding to the efforts of the Powers to put a stop to the effusion of blood and to diminish the honors of war, the note goes on to declare that while the act of amnesty offered none of the guarantees which would justify its being looked upon as a serious measure, the refusal of the inquiry shows that no remedy is to be looked for to the abuses which provoked the insurrection of the Cretans; and nothing having been done to satisfy the other Christian populations of the Empire, the Powers apprehend that the obstinate resistance of the Porte may precipitate a Crisis in the East.

M. de Giers says— "The dispositions of the Imperial Government in regard to the Central Asian Question … have necessarily "been affected by the political condition in which we were placed by the attitude of England during the recent Crisis in the East.

have necessarily been affected by the political condition in which we were placed by the attitude of England during the recent Crisis in the East".

1897 to 1912

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over 15 years

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In view of the thorough distrust which hon. Members on the Opposition side of the House had for Her Majesty's Government, and in view of the serious Crisis in the East, with the possibility of something occurring which might precipitate us into war, he did not think that the Parliamentary eye should be closed on the Treasury Bench.

He said, as far as I can understand the right hon. Gentleman, that he thought if the diplomatists had been sufficiently skilful, and had shown sufficient foresight, the recent Crisis in the East might have been avoided.

and whether, having regard to the almost unlimited discretion of the Executive in this country in foreign affairs and its power to commit the country to the greatest international obligations without consulting Parliament, any treaties which may be made with foreign Powers resulting from the present Crisis in the East will be laid before Parliament before being finally concluded, according to the practice which obtains in the United States of America under its Constitution and according to the constitutional laws of the French Republic in reference to treaties of peace and commercial treaties?

1939 to 2010

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over 71 years

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In this matter I feel strongly that we must bring in Russia to help settle this Crisis in the East of Europe.

The humanitarian Crisis in the East of the country shows no signs of abating.

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