Crisis in the United Nation

Including: Crisis in the United Nations, Crisis of the United Nations

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1961 - 2003

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1961 to 1963

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The Government, in face of a Crisis in the United Nations, disasters in Katanga, conflicts between Commonwealth Prime Ministers, a split in N.A.T.O.

Could he at least promise the House that the Government will keep this under review and make sure that no action of theirs will prevent the financial Crisis in the United Nations being solved by adequate purchases of these bonds?

The last step in this story is that a fortnight ago at the first meeting of the Administrative and Budgetary Committee of the Fourth Special Session of the General Assembly, summoned specifically to discuss this question, the Soviet delegate declared that the so-called financial Crisis of the United Nations was only the result of systematic and flagrant violations of the Charter which had given the Security Council sole competence in the maintenance of peace.

I also discussed both in New York with the Secretary-General and with Mr. Khrushchev the financial Crisis in the United Nations.

1965 to 1997

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over 32 years

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Mr. Padley: Her Majesty's Government share the concern expressed in the Recommendation at the grave Crisis of the United Nations, and fully accept that all member States should do their utmost to solve the difficulties by negotiation.

I welcome my right hon. Friend's statement and the indication at this moment of Crisis in the United Nation's history that Britain has stood firmly behind the United Nations.

I do not know how we shall seek to resolve the financial Crisis of the United Nations.


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Frankly, with four European countries currently on the Security Council, we could have done better in this current Crisis in the United Nations.

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