Crisis of That Country

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1831 - 2015

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1831 to 1887

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over 56 years

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For that right hon. Member he felt the highest respect, it would be a great loss were he not a Member of this House, and in what situation would his Majesty's Government be placed, if their confidential minister for Ireland, in the present Crisis of That Country, had no seat in the House of Commons, and had not when rejected by the potwallopers of Preston, been accepted by the royal burgesses of Windsor?

The existence of war in any part of Europe was to be deplored, and he was sure that that House would cordially concur with that passage in his Majesty's most gracious Speech which breathed a hope that the vigour and prudence of the present Government of Spain might be equal to the urgency of the Crisis in That Country.

Unhappily, they were accustomed to go through crises from time to time in Ireland, and now a Crisis in That Country had become the rule and not the exception.

1895 to 1999

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over 104 years

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SIR F. EVANS wished to point out that in his question he asked the hon. Gentleman for all correspondence that had taken place between the Government of this country and the Government of Newfoundland in relation to the present financial Crisis in That Country, and to reply that the correspondence would be laid on the Table when completed, was to say that no correspondence would be laid on the Table of the House until the present grave and dire distress had passed away.

whether he has discussed the economic Crisis in That Country, and the political consequences which may follow if the payments proposed by the committee of experts on Eastern reparations are insisted upon; and whether he can make any statement to the House on this matter?

The debate is motivated not by their support for the people of Sierra Leone, but all too transparently by their desire to wring party advantage from the Crisis in That Country.

2001 to 2003

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Does she agree that the deepening economic Crisis in That Country is inevitably having a knock-on effect in damaging civil institutions and creating further communal strife?

I am sure that all hon. Members will accept that it is important to underline that the political Crisis in That Country has little to do with religion and everything to do with the determination of the ruling elite to cling on to power.

There is a deep and growing Crisis in That Country, yet we heard nothing from the Foreign Secretary about how we might increase pressure on Mr. Mugabe and his regime by extending sanctions and perhaps even by encouraging South Africa to do something about the supply of energy to Zimbabwe.


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But we must recognise the humanitarian Crisis in That Country and deal with it.


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I am sure that the whole House will be disgusted by his treatment and appalled by the wider Crisis in That Country, which is the direct result of the policies of President Mugabe.

Meanwhile, the appalling Crisis in That Country is getting worse.

I am sure that the House will therefore understand if I start with the Crisis in That Country.

I recognise and commend the hon. Gentleman's long-standing interest in Zimbabwe and concern for the humanitarian Crisis in That Country.


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The smuggling of arms is also happening in Lebanon, but little can be done about that while the Crisis in That Country continues.

May we have a debate in Government time on the Floor of the House on the serial abuse of human rights in Burma and the continuing political Crisis in That Country?

We are all seriously concerned about the deepening humanitarian Crisis in That Country.

There is a Crisis in That Country.


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Lastly, may we have a statement in due course on bilateral relations between the United Kingdom and Iceland, because there is clearly a full-scale constitutional Crisis in That Country as well as an economic one?


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There is a humanitarian Crisis in That Country, its political instability is well known and the conference that the Prime Minister is convening in February is potentially an important moment.

Will the Minister consider providing further assistance as a matter of urgency to help with the looming Crisis in That Country?

Will the Secretary of State update the House on what action the British Government are taking to help with the humanitarian Crisis in That Country?

2014 to 2015

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Will the Minister tell us what steps she has taken to help deal with the humanitarian Crisis in That Country?

What representations have the Government made on the humanitarian Crisis in That Country resulting from the preparations for the World cup in Qatar in 2022?

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