Crisis of the Sort

Including: Crisis of This Sort, Crisis of Any Sort

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1890 - 2004

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1890 to 1919

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over 29 years

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I had the honour of sitting on the Watch Committee of the town with which lam connected for a good many years, and I know that there the the police are able to bring legitimate public opinion to bear on the Governing Body, which is a totally different thing from what may happen in a Crisis of This Sort, where the police may be drawn—it will be a dangerous matter if they should be'—into political action.

I agree entirely with the hon. and learned Member for Kingston that by the method of convention you can get to business much quicker in a Crisis of This Sort than by the method of a Parliamentary discussion.

Colonel THORNE: I understood the Home Secretary to say that there was no Crisis of Any Sort in the Metropolitan Police Force.

1925 to 1935

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over 10 years

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last year or two, and if anyone had studied it from this point of view, he would have been impressed with the fact that what has sustained the coal industry up to now, and prevented a Crisis of This Sort occurring before, was the effect of the absolutely abnormal trade that existed through the occupation of the Ruhr.

662 What we say for the public responsible for finding the money to run a great newspaper of this character during a Crisis of This Sort that all the opinions involved in the dispute ought to have an equal share of publicity.

Most of us who endeavoured in past years to devote themselves to the question of a Crisis of This Sort and to a study of the possibilities of economic pressure upon an aggressor, came to the conclusion that oil was the most indispensable of all the modern materials of war, far more indispensable for the long conduct of any war even than any metal, indispensable as that is.

1938 to 1986

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over 48 years

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Those are examples of how the machinery of the League to-day is not so easy of immediate and successful application in a Crisis of This Sort.

I believe they had to do what they did in order to prevent the terrible struggle which the ordinary person would have had if the Opposition had been in controlin a Crisis of This Sort.

It suggests that it might be a continuing Crisis of the Sort to which the hon. Gentleman refers.

1991 to 2004

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over 13 years

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It is no surprise that people whose day-to-day expertise is that of a director of finance in a local authority have had their fingers burnt in a Crisis of This Sort.

We know that of course mistakes are made in a Crisis of This Sort.

That is why there should not be the funding Crisis of the Sort described by the noble Baroness.

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