Damaging Crisis

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1975 - 2015

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1975 to 2003

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We called for the debate three weeks ago because we felt that a Damaging Crisis was imminent, and everything since has shown that we were right.

Instead of continuing to make provocative statements - I certainly do not dissent from his view about London Transport - should he not try to bring the three parties - British Rail management, the unions and the Government on behalf of the public - together lo seek a solution to this extraordinarily Damaging Crisis?

Therefore, it has led inevitably to over-fishing; to illegality - any policy that means that fishermen are on the verge of bankruptcy drives them into illegality to survive; to deep damage to stocks, particularly cod, which in certain areas is near extinction, to a shrinking United Kingdom fleet; and to a Damaging Crisis where sacrifices have been required of this country.

2010 to 2011

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That means they have to plan their service cuts and redundancies now, so may I urge the Secretary of State to think again about the scale of these cuts or to alter their phasing so that councils are not forced to take what will be very Damaging Crisis measures?

The fear has been expressed that local authorities may be forced into Damaging Crisis measures.

Many authorities will be forced into taking Damaging Crisis measures.


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Now I can only hope that the Present Damaging Crisis may suggest to Ministers that they should exercise greater responsibility and accountability, not just for expenditure but for at least some of the policies proposed in the forward view.

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