Domestic Crisis

Including: Major Domestic Crisis, Immediate Domestic Crisis, Serious Domestic Crisis, This Domestic Crisis

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1912 - 2013

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1912 to 1936

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over 24 years

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Let the Committee note that there is no beer or tobacco, and no entertainment in this, and I rather fancy that the purchase of a pair of new boots is something in the nature of a Domestic Crisis.

The British representative, feeling a little embarrassed at having been the means of bringing about This Domestic Crisis, said something by way of deprecation of such very hurried divorce proceedings, but the gentleman was not at all put out.

I feel that a great deal we have been hearing from hon. Members to-night has been paying lip service to the idea that it is more important that a boy and girl should attend school than that they should accept in a time of Domestic Crisis a far more important obligation, more important for the development of character than any amount of schooling - namely, the acceptance of responsibility in relation to the home.

If either of them did, I am sure there would be a Domestic Crisis that would send him scurrying for cover.

1941 to 1953

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over 12 years

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New Zealand, unable to get away her great produce of meat and butter, may come to a Serious Domestic Crisis.

I would therefore remind the Minister that the seeds are now being sown for a Major Domestic Crisis, and it will be short-sighted of the Government if it does not meet it before it is too late.

It was thought that at last the people inside industry would be able to look forward to a true state of security, for the essence of the Act was to cover everybody and to provide them with benefits during periods of Domestic Crisis.

1958 to 1960

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We do not put domestic crises into this, as opposed to foreign crises, because, we hope that if we - or any other Government in this country - needed to deal with a Domestic Crisis, then Parliament would at once give the Government the powers for which they asked.

It is for that reason that we have this reserve power and we do not think that it would be the same in relation to a Domestic Crisis.

It was then learned that the Domestic Crisis had passed, the mother having returned home, and that the parents did not want Ronald to go away from home.

1974 to 1985

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over 11 years

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They are ultimately unwanted, quarrels break out and there is Domestic Crisis.

I am sure that hon. Members will agree that it would be prudent to retain powers similar to those in the 1973 Act for Domestic Crisis management, subject, of course, as hon. Members will see from Clause 3, to the same degree of parliamentary control as provided in that Act.

clothing and footwear, baby items/bedding, furniture and household equipment, hire purchase debt for furniture and household goods, removal expenses, house repairs, redecoration, returnable deposit for accommodation, rent in advance, legal fees for renewal of a lease, survey fees, irregular housing costs, gardening costs, costs associated with seeking and starting work, fares to visit a relative in hospital or a home or in a Domestic Crisis or to visit a child when custody has not been decided, fuel debts, heating appliances, draught-proofing, hot water cylinder jackets, slot meter and reconnection charges, and payments where a claimant has been underpaid or to replace money spent from weekly living expenses.

1986 to 1992

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over six years

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A Domestic Crisis may mean large, unforeseen spending.

If receiving income support, he or she may be awarded a community care grant, whether for visiting a child living with the other parent pending a custody decision, or where the child or other parent is ill, or where the payment would ease a Domestic Crisis.

We have a Domestic Crisis - it may be dogs one day, a prison riot on another, political refugees on another, the number of offences of taking and driving away cars on another - and the Home Secretary thinks tip yet another piece of instant legislation that he can whip through the House of Commons, because we do not seem to have much of a legislative jam at the moment.

1994 to 1999

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over five years

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When the gas bill or the electricity bill comes in, when the kids need new shoes, when it is time to find dinner money or when a Domestic Crisis happens, that is a major disaster for the family.

Economic deprivation is rife in North Korea, and the leadership is constantly looking for ways to deflect local attention from the Domestic Crisis.

I did what I could to be flexible in assisting employees when they had a Domestic Crisis.

2002 to 2011

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over nine years

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This subject has been discussed before and my noble friend Lord Clement-Jones, who is unable to be here due to a severe but not life-threatening Domestic Crisis, and I have both spoken on it a number of times.

This Domestic Crisis must also be tackled.

I have been a little distracted by a Domestic Crisis.


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It attempts to deal with what is not simply an Immediate Domestic Crisis, although of course it is that.

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