Each Crisis

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1935 - 2016

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1935 to 1939

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over four years

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We may humbly claim that our historic forms of government have proved themselves adequate to meet Each Crisis as it arose.

It is true that in our own country we have dealt with Each Crisis as it has arisen in our own particular way.

In Each Crisis we say, "Oh, but there is no threat to dominate the world.

1952 to 1955

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over three years

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Why we have suffered from recurring crises since 1945 is because, as Sir Stafford Cripps himself said, we always applied temporary expedients to Each Crisis.

There has been too much preoccupation on the part of the Board with the problems of the present, with mitigating and masking Each Crisis as it arose, and there has been too irresolute a pursuit of the longterm goal of output in the future.


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The Prime Minister: I think that the great thing is to deal with Each Crisis as it occurs.

I think that the great thing is to deal with Each Crisis as it occurs.

That is quite apart from the loss of output due to the periods of stagnation after Each Crisis.

Does this not show how necessary it is that there should be established at the earliest possible moment a United Nations security unit, so to speak, a force in being with a staff, its plans already made - not just little contingents coming from various countries, including the smaller Powers, though all honour to them for their willingness to do it, ad hoc when Each Crisis arises, but a United Nations emergency unit to go where it is wanted in different parts of the world.

Therefore, as Each Crisis is avoided so the stakes go up until eventually the crunch must come.

1962 to 1965

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over three years

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As Each Crisis comes upon us, the Government have just the same sort of reaction - the credit squeeze.

Effectively there is the international backing for the pound although the amount seems to increase with Each Crisis.


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In Each Crisis, it is defence which has had to bear the brunt of the cuts.

He burns midnight oil when Each Crisis takes place and produces one explanation for the difficulties which the world and the country are in - the Prime Minister.

With Each Crisis which we experience in the United Kingdom the problems and the risks and the difficulties of successful extrication multiply.

1969 to 1976

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over seven years

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Surely there is everything to be said, in everybody's interest, not least that of the trade unions, for knowing in advance, clearly and positively, what the law says, what the law allows and what it does not allow, instead of leaving it to be found by judge-made decisions after Each Crisis has arisen.

Each Crisis has meant yet another check to the economy and further weakened our competitiveness.

That is the only way to avoid paying out Industry Act money to meet Each Crisis.

Each Crisis and each set of errors has led to a further crisis and a further set of errors.

1978 to 1980

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Analysing Each Crisis that has occurred since 1945, we see that it takes longer and longer for industrialists to regain their confidence and to start investing.

Each Crisis, 470 industrial or financial, has been met by short-term measures, but there has been no serious attempt to deal with the underlying problems.

Each Crisis, each confrontation, each point of friction, as serious as each may be in its own right, will take on an added measure of significance and an added dimension of danger.

1981 to 1994

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over 13 years

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As Each Crisis hits the fishing industry, and as more vessels are laid up, another wave of people face the same problems which should have been solved five or 10 years ago.

Whatever the number of sheets, I believe that we need a positive, clear and coherent policy in the conduct of our overseas relations and that everyone should understand what that policy is so that we are not forced to react piecemeal to Each Crisis as it occurs.

Each Crisis and each United Nations contribution will be considered on its merits at the time.

2000 to 2006

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over six years

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As Each Crisis is different, so the means for achieving its settlement may vary.

The specific characteristics of Each Crisis are unique, but does the right hon. Gentleman think that common underlying reasons exist that are part of a wider pattern of instability in Africa as a whole?

The reputation of the Chancellor of the Exchequer was affected by Each Crisis and the cause of each crisis.

2008 to 2012

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over four years

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Each Crisis led to a change of behaviour and of attitude, where reckless lending was described as bold and rewards for risk takers increased beyond the risk involved.

At the heart of Each Crisis is the sort of legislation that we have seen time and again; it is embodied in clause 1.

It is inevitable that, with Each Crisis and difficulty, new mechanisms grow up to stop it happening again.


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Following that walkout in May, and the serious assault on two officers and an urgent question here, the Secretary of State announced £10 million, but, frankly, he has been absent in the last few weeks and we have had an inadequate and reactive response to Each Crisis.

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