Extraordinary Crisis

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1832 - 2015

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1832 to 1853

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over 21 years

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They did not wish to use such means in any manner inconsistent with the Constitution of this country, but they did feel that an Extraordinary Crisis had arisen in the country—that the safety of the country and the well-being of the people rested upon the carrying of this measure of Reform—and they felt, therefore, that they should not be doing their duty to their Sovereign or to the country, if they returned to office without being armed with full powers to ensure the carrying of the measure.

I cannot give a stronger proof of the perils which I think surrounds us, than to say that I shall feel it my duty to stop the wheels of Government if I can, in a way which can only he justified by an Extraordinary Crisis.

In his endeavours to discharge the duties of the arduous office in the late Government which, he had the honour to hold, nothing had given him more anxiety than that the Extraordinary Crisis which had arisen in the Australian colonies should be met by the Government of this country in a generous and liberal spirit, such as was calculated to promote the interests both of the colonies and the mother country.

1880 to 1886

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But supposing this machinery, provided by Parliament for the Irish to borrow their own money, was equal to the purpose, the fact would remain that Parliament had done nothing out of Imperial resources to meet the Extraordinary Crisis now existing in Ireland.

It seemed to him that there could be no possible objection on principle to making advances to tenants for the purpose of enabling them to tide over an Extraordinary Crisis.

Another matter that has been touched upon during this discussion is the introduction of fresh taxation, which is said to be repugnant to the feelings of the Native population of India; but I think we should do a great injustice to the Government of India if we failed to recognize the fact that they had to meet an Extraordinary Crisis, and that a large expenditure was forced upon them for frontier defences and for increasing the Army in India.

1961 to 1977

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over 16 years

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Does the hon. Gentleman realise that if one can solve this problem it will go a long way towards solving the Extraordinary Crisis in recruiting?

Part of the normal British parliamentary practice involves from time to time, in situations of Extraordinary Crisis, multiparty Governments - coalition Governments.

As my hon. Friend knows, I have just visited Liverpool to look at the Extraordinary Crisis which faces the people there.

1987 to 2008

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over 21 years

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That is another sign of the growing and Extraordinary Crisis facing those who are less well-off in the capital city and elsewhere too.

I want to hear serious answers to the questions that we have raised, and real solutions for my constituents who are facing This Extraordinary Crisis.

They have suggested amendments to Government actions and, at a time of Extraordinary Crisis for the country, have supported the Government to ensure that there is no panic in the system.

2012 to 2014

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Greece faces an Extraordinary Crisis, which is shared by rest of the eurozone countries.

I hope that hon. Members who oppose this action will take the time - I invitedthe hon. Member for Brighton, Pavilion (Caroline Lucas) in good spirit - to come to Shropshire and areas of the country facing This Extraordinary Crisis, and to meet our constituents and hear the emotion in their pleas for action.

In the words of the UNHCR representative to the UK, Roland Schilling: “this is an Extraordinary Crisis requiring extraordinary measures”.


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It is an Extraordinary Crisis that has had very little attention.

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