Far Eastern Crisis

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1904 - 1998

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1904 to 1935

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over 31 years

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Far Eastern Crisis, Inopportune tune for negotiations with the Chinese Government [129] 979, 980, 1152.

There is no doubt that just at the very time when it appeared that the Chinese markets, among the greatest markets in the world, were going to be reopened once more to Western supplies, and the development in their own borders of industry, at that very moment there came the Far Eastern Crisis, and there has been grave interruption of the movement towards an increased demand from China.

they are too much in power now, but it was not the case a little while ago, and it certainly was not the case in the early days of the Far Eastern Crisis.

1937 to 1954

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over 17 years

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As Mr. Stimson has told the world in his most interesting book, "The Far Eastern Crisis, he twice endeavoured to secure effective Anglo-American co-operation in preserving peace and maintaining treaties in the Far East, and was twice rebuffed - "rebuffed" is Mr. Stimson's word.

In his book "The Far Eastern Crisis" - about the Manchurian position - Mr. Stimson said that, in his relations with other countries about the Far East, although there were other countries which had larger share of commerce there than had the United States, none of them really had quite such a keen interest in that part of the world as the United States, owing to their geographical proximity.

It was shown that the thing which had originally taken the Prime Minister and the Foreign Secretary over to the United States was not the Far Eastern Crisis, but the statement by Representative Sterling Cole on the hydrogen bomb.


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Because of this, would he not agree that Britain, with its present unique rôle in the Far Eastern Crisis, could help by sending a representative to get a non-committed, un-Communist view of the attitude of Hanoi and Peking?

Will he bear in mind that, in the present critical stage of the Far Eastern Crisis and in view of the latest news of atrocities in Saigon, it is vitally important that Her Majesty's Government should be in the closest personal contact with the Governments in Rawalpindi and New Delhi?

May I ask my right hon. Friend whether, despite certain remarks made in Washington, he will continue to pursue an individual initiative with regard to the Far Eastern Crisis?


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The Far Eastern Crisis has been a particularly severe problem for chicken farmers.

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