Final Crisis

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1873 - 2009

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1873 to 1954

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over 81 years

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Friend (Mr. Hunt) looked forward to the purchase of the railways by the State as the Final Crisis to which we should 1054 come.

The sooner they go out, we hope in a Final Crisis, the better for this country and for the world.

In 1951 we had the Final Crisis, which may have been worth enduring because it had one great redeeming feature - it lead to the resignation of the Labour Government.

1958 to 1977

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over 19 years

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I was informed that there was every indication of a settlement on the economic issue, but that conflict arose regarding the control of the police and that this brought the Final Crisis between the Labour Prime Minister of Malta and the Colonial Secretary.

If that is so, is it not vital that the nations of the West should consult not only about the Final Crisis but about the diplomatic and defence decisions which lead to it?

This meant that when the Final Crisis arose, and following the Press conference held by Mr. Riccardo in Detroit, the Government inevitably were taken by surprise.

1993 to 2009

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over 16 years

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If she could have been treated at the Royal Preston, she would have been in intensive care considerably before the Final Crisis that was reached in the ambulance.

Document 4938/08 concerns the response to the Final Crisis.

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