Fresh Crisis

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1942 - 2015

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1942 to 1994

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over 52 years

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I do not mean to suggest that there ought to be a Fresh Crisis, unless events in the various theatres of war take an immediate turn for the better.

Then, as unemployment increased and as elections drew near, we had every four years panic spending measures leading to a Fresh Crisis, as the O.E.C.D.

Despite that success, a Fresh Crisis has arisen because of the recession and of over-capacity in continental Europe.

1995 to 2015

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over 20 years

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We should see whether out of This Fresh Crisis a clearer, firmer strategy can be produced with the political will to achieve it.

The immediate response to the Fresh Crisis has been to accelerate the agenda for reforming the Co-operative Group's structure.

That opportunity must be grasped, outstanding issues resolved and a Fresh Crisis avoided in a year or two.

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