Fuel and Power Crisis

Including: Serious Fuel and Power Crisis, Present Fuel and Power Crisis

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1947 - 1972

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1947 to 1951

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over four years

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Is the Minister aware that this dispute originated with the interference of the Engineering and Allied Employers' Federation, which appears to have insisted that three men should not be reinstated at the end of the Fuel and Power Crisis, and in view of the strike-fomenting activities of this association, is there anything that can be done to avoid incidents of this character arising as a consequence?

The second was the Fuel and Power Crisis in the spring of this year when the maladministration of our coal industry ought to have led to the resignation of the Minister of Fuel and Power.

Does not the right hon. Gentleman recollect that, following the Fuel and Power Crisis in 1947, the Ministry of Supply launched a £10 million scheme for the introduction of standby generators in the factories, and that owing to the failure of the right hon. Gentleman's Department to make the necessary arrangements, a surplus of these generators was exported to Soviet Russia to the extent of £4 million in the last two years?

1954 to 1972

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over 18 years

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Mr. Watkinson: The average numbers of unemployed persons on the registers of the Shrewsbury employment exchange were as follows: 1945 (July—December) 59 1946 102 1947 197* 1948 141 1949 174 1950 207 1951 167 1952 179 1953 208 1954 (January—June) 224 * The figures for February and March, 1947, were abnormally high owing to the Fuel and Power Crisis.

Just after a Serious Fuel and Power Crisis, it went on strike, not sitting for about four days.

The result would be far worse than anything we have experienced in the Present Fuel and Power Crisis; and the Soviet Union has the military power and is getting into the position of being able to do so.

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