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1890 - 2012

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1890 to 1921

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over 31 years

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W. H. SMITH: Were there any such Crisis in the Government as the hon. Gentleman suggests, the House would have been apprised of the fact without a moment's delay.

A new situation will have been created, and that situation will immediately bring forward a supreme Crisis of the Government.

Perhaps we shall have a Government Crisis.

1926 to 1944

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over 18 years

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But for the Government Crisis, the change of Government in France, and all the urgent business, I think the Treaty, which has already passed the French Chamber, and is unanimously accepted by the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, would have passed the French Senate.

Is the Minister aware that one astrologer last Sunday predicted a Government Crisis this month?

To those who were far away from this country the suggestion for instance that a Government Crisis had taken place which might lead to a dissolution of Parliament was the sort of thing which led that audience to feel that reality was lacking in the arguments which brought that position about.

1947 to 1968

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over 21 years

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In view of the questions which have been put from the Opposition, I want to ask if it is not the case that this was a Government Crisis which was solved - [Interruption.

I can remember how in the Education Measure of Mr. Balfour the House of Lords insisted on Amendmentsand almost brought about a Government Crisis.

When Señor Arguedas' action came to light, a Government Crisis occurred in Bolivia and he fled to Chile, where he was given temporary asylum.

1972 to 1973

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This is a Crisis of the Government's own making.

As I said on Second Reading, the Bill has been introduced as a stop-gap measure at a time of Crisis of the Government's own creation.

But if help is to be given now - special help apart from the stabilisation fund - to meet this Crisis of the Government's own making, it must satisfy one of two essential conditions.

1974 to 1980

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over six years

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There have been a lot of interruptions from the hon. Member for Louth (Mr. Archer) and others, asking us why we did not choose to abstain or vote against the order so as to provoke some kind of Government Crisis.

It is a Crisis of the Government's own making.

Does the Minister not accept that continual drift in relation to this strike is causing a Crisis in the Government's credibility?

1990 to 1993

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over three years

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Although this is a Crisis of the Government's making, we have not had a single word from the Government.

Is not the Crisis of the Government's own making?

As the leader of my party said in a speech to Charter 88 last week, there is not just a Crisis in Government, policy or leadership; there is a crisis of lack of faith in the system to overcome these problems.

1994 to 2001

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over seven years

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This is a financial Crisis of the Government's own making, but the way in which they are disengaging themselves places the burden not on the broader shoulders, but on some of the narrowest.

Can we have some guarantee that, if the Minister subsidises farmers, those in the slaughterhouses and the manufacturers, he will ensure that every worker who loses a job as a result of This Government Crisis gets proper compensation?

There will be a debate on an Opposition motion entitled "The Crisis in the Government's Education and Life Long Learning Policies".


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Is not the pension system in a Crisis of the Government's own making?

The hon. Member for East Devon (Mr. Swire) talked about a Crisis of the Government's making.


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He led the debate extremely ably and exposed yet Another Government Crisis in education.

The backdrop of the White Paper seems to be a Crisis in the Government's defence budget.

Current events provide a sombre background to this important White Paper, for today there is a Crisis in the Government's Defence budget.

2005 to 2006

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Depending on the Government Crisis in pensions, I may well still be here but not yet Father of the House - one can never tell - but if we are still alive by then, perhaps the Under-Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs,the hon. Member for Exeter (Mr. Bradshaw), and I will be grandparents, and when we have our grandchildren on our knee I am worried that we may be dealing with their questions about what we did to stop the climate changing.

That, again, is the result of financial chaos and Crisis in This Government's NHS.

That comes back to what I have said before: the rescue was from a Crisis of the Government's own making, which makes the whole solution even more outrageous.

2011 to 2012

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A number of her colleagues have said - although she has not - that they see youth unemployment as a Crisis of the Current Government.

Following the kidnap, cross-Government Crisis management teams were established in our high commission in Abuja and in London.

Those are listed well before the Government website that makes it clear how to get access to Government Crisis loans.

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