Health Care Crisis

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1987 - 2015

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1987 to 1989

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If we are to accept this new consensus, we must recognise that any exceptional Crisis in Health Care and 425 health provision must be met by exceptional measures.

Will he accept that the Department's announcement completely fails to meet the Crisis in Health Care in Northern Ireland?

Due to the Government's and balance sheet manipulation, due to their failure to fulfil promises about new build in the district, and, above all, due to their mindless espousal of market forces as opposed to the humanitarian and caring impulses of the founders of hospitals such as Bart's, the people of Hackney are facing a Health Care Crisis as never before.

That is happening throughout the country and is a measure of the Crisis in Health Care.

1991 to 1994

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over three years

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In the past few days, the Secretary of State will have received from the district health authority that covers both his and my constituencies an identification of the Crisis in Health Care in south Bristol - high mortality rates, very high infant mortality rates and a remoteness from the national health service.

When will the Minister make a commitment to meet the Members of Parliament for Greater Manchester about the Crisis in Health Care in the area?


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I beg to move,That this House expresses its concern at the evidence of continuing Crisis of Health Care in London and the South East; believes that the scale and nature of the crisis stems directly from the Government's failure either to assess the health care needs of the area properly or to plan a programme by which those needs can be met; believes that the process of the internal market and Government-driven so-called 'reforms' are making matters worse; and calls for a moratorium on further closures until a fresh and thorough review has been carried out of the mounting evidence of serious misdirection of health care across the whole of the area.

The motion say that there is acontinuing Crisis of Health Care in London".

It explains today exactly why this debate is taking place - because of the Crisis in Health Care in London.

I return to the theme of today's debate: the Health Care Crisis in London.

More than 1,000 people attended the Health Care Crisis in London conference, which was organised by the National Health Service Support Federation last February.

1997 to 2001

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Like many other constituencies, Rochdale has a Health Care Crisis.

If we consider the figures, we can see that the town I represent has a Health Care Crisis.

I beg to move, To leave out from 'That' to the end of the Question, and to add instead thereof: 'this House declines to give a Second Reading to the National Health Service Reform and Health Care Professions Bill because it is irrelevant in the face of a worsening Health Care Crisis; will lead to increased bureaucracy; increases political interference by augmenting the role of the Secretary of State; fails to deal with the downward spiral of morale afflicting health professionals; imposes unnecessary structural change which will further detract from patient care; and abolishes the community health councils, which have served the interests of patients and communities.

The Conservative's reasoned amendment describes a "worsening Health Care Crisis".

2002 to 2005

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When will the Secretary of State take action on the Crisis in Acute Health Care in east Kent?

In Buckinghamshire, despite devoted health workers, we have a Crisis in Health Care.

Everybody will need to row together to make the current negotiations a success, but we also need to be clear that a few asset sales will not solve the growing Health Care Crisis in West Sussex or Chichester.


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We have a Crisis in Health Care generally, and it is not the fault of the professionals who are working in our hospitals, our dental practices and our primary care sector.

The closure of the hospital is only one symptom of a burgeoning Health Care Crisis that is developing throughout the region, and dealing with it will not be easy.

In response to my questions about the future of health care in my constituency, the Minister usually blames people on the ground for our problems - in my part of the world, the Health Care Crisis is real.

It is no exaggeration to speak of a Crisis in Health Care in Hertfordshire for all the reasons that he and my colleagues have given.

I wish to take this opportunity to raise just one issue that affects my constituency, but given the comments of many hon. Members it is the same issue that affects many of theirs - the Crisis in Health Care in our constituencies.

When we put all those facts alongside the failure to provide dentistry and proper GP services in parts of my rural constituency, they amount to a significant Crisis in Health Care in North Wiltshire.

They want to know what the Government are going to do about the catastrophic Crisis in Health Care at the moment.


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This is a Health Care Crisis in Enfield, and it behoves the Secretary of State to meet me to discuss the situation in person so that he can give an absolute commitment to me and, more important, the people of Enfield, that these issues will be addressed.

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