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1997 - 2014

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May we have an urgent debate on the Crisis in Higher Education in Wales?

That is what created the Crisis in Higher Education.

There needs to be a breath of fresh air in a debate that recognises that there is a real Crisis in Higher Education.

1998 to 1999

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The questions come ill from a member of the Conservative party which set up the Dearing committee to examine the Crisis in Higher Education that the Conservative Government had created.

The present Crisis in Higher Education is down to the Tory cuts of the past 20 years.

The Crisis in Higher Education in Britain arises from a failure by the Treasury, above all, to have confidence in universities and to provide for the massive expansion of students since the 1960s.


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He merely offered criticism, and seemed to think that by far the most important aspect of the Higher Education Crisis is that the Government's review will be published rather later than was expected.

I want to ask the Leader of the House about the Crisis in Higher Education.

No one in your Lordships' House has done more than he to bring attention to the looming Crisis in Higher Education.

Member after Member on all Benches in each of those debates, and again today, talked of the Crisis in Higher Education.

2005 to 2011

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Factor in a soul-destroying regulatory burden and you have the basis for a Crisis in Higher Education.

The time left for debate is very short, but I would like to deal with the Crisis in Higher Education, particularly for those who want to go to university.

We face a serious Crisis in Higher Education.


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These are terrible numbers - an important Crisis in Higher Education.

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