Investment Crisis

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1966 - 2016

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1966 to 1975

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over nine years

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One of the reasons that we have given high priority to lowering the Capital Gains Tax at present is that the country is faced with an Investment Crisis.

All this is to be changed, and it is to be changed at a moment when we have an Investment Crisis, just when order, stability and confidence are at a premium.

To say that we have an Investment Crisis will have no effect upon the public at large.

1981 to 1991

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over 10 years

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The Government have created a Crisis of Investment in the nationalised industries.

Despite looks of incredulity, I tried during Question Time today to paint a picture of what the depth of the Investment Crisis in Britain means in global terms.

This motion draws attention to the urgent need for measures to deal with unemployment, with the Crisis in Investment, and with the problems of training and skills in our economy.

If Another Investment Crisis exists in this country, along with the crisis that I have already described - the crisis relating to the Conservative Government's investment in industry - it is the crisis relating to industry's investment in the Conservatives.

1993 to 1995

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We know from the leaked but now stifled Department of Trade and Industry report on Britain's trading position that we have a long-standing Crisis in Investment in skills and in research.

The Investment Crisis is a constant problem that faces everyone concerned about manufacturing.

We face a Crisis of Investment and, therefore, a desperate lack of the underpinning that we need to transform our economy for the new century.

1996 to 2000

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over four years

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Britain faces an Investment Crisis.

Does the Minister share my concern about the threat to the prospect of regeneration of the Thames gateway arising from the Current Investment Crisis at London Underground?

The AA concluded:At the root of this depressing picture lies the Crisis of Investment.

2001 to 2016

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over 15 years

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The news today is full of the Crisis in Investment in the railways.

Those are the challenges that the Queen's Speech should have addressed - the Investment Crisis on the one hand and the jobs crisis on the other - but there were big holes where the Bills on promoting investment and growing jobs should have been.

In the time that that field will be looking to make its money back, the oil price will go through many ups and downs, but when many international companies are looking across the globe at where to invest their ever-shrinking piles of capital - the oil industry globally is facing a Crisis of Investment - we need to be at the most competitive we can be.

Investor confidence has been lost through heightened uncertainty, creating a Crisis in Investment that in turn creates a crisis in energy costs, as greater uncertainty results in higher costs of capital.

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