Its Greatest Crisis

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1886 - 2009

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1886 to 1949

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over 63 years

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Yes, Sir; I cannot but remember that in the time of Its Greatest Crisis, when it was in the 1206 most terrible moment of its fate, my right hon. Friend counselled the disintegration of the United States.

They would not call It the Greatest Crisis in 20 years.

Men who are supporters of the Labour Government, to whom that Government appeals at the moment of Its Greatest Crisis?

1970 to 1975

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over five years

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If to that we add our concern about the possibility of shortages during this winter, we can say that the coalindustry today may be facing Its Greatest Crisis ever.

The Government should consider that provision and taking such action, because nothing could be clearer than that the textile industry is facing Its Greatest Crisis.

Does my right hon. Friend agree that there are disturbing signs that adult education is facing Its Greatest Crisis for many years and that unless something is done the situation will get worse, many classes will be cut and many part-time teachers will be sacked?

1980 to 1988

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over eight years

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The fishing industry would not look kindly on that when the recent increase in levy has considerably added to the income of the WFA for the year that is to come, and this is at a time when the industry, as has rightly been pointed out by several hon. Members, is at Its Greatest Crisis ever.

Is the Secretary of State aware that BNOC is facing Its Greatest Crisis since it was created and that the fall in oil prices has created a major problem for the trading arm, which could lose large sums of money?

Is the right hon. Lady aware that the Manchester royal infirmary is facing Its Greatest Crisis in 200 years?

1999 to 2009

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over 10 years

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The rural economy needs just as much of a boost as the urban economy, because farming is going through Its Greatest Crisis for 25 years and tourism has done badly because of the overvalued pound.

Lord Turner said today that "the world's financial system has gone through Its Greatest Crisis for a least a century".

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