Korean Crisis

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1950 - 2001

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The Minister said that the Korean Crisis brought home the need for Commonwealth collaboration in relation to science; but surely it brings home the need for Commonwealth collaboration in regard to foreign policy as well.

Is not my right hon. Friend aware how thoroughly alarmed the people of our country are at the fact that we are becoming more and more deeply involved in the Korean Crisis, with the possibility of a world war?

Mr. Webb: The effect of the Korean Crisis on world sugar markets has been virtually to exhaust supplies of sugar from sterling and dollar sources alike.

Korean Crisis, effect on world sugar markets, 250.

Before what I call "the Korean Crisis" we were paying 85d.

Everybody was pleased that the immediate outlook was somewhat better than it had seemed last week, but we all know, from our experience of the Korean Crisis earlier in the year, how, to the layman, it seemed to get better and then much worse and there is no guarantee that we are out of the danger.


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Remembering that the scheme was experimental, that it was undertaken before the Korean Crisis, and that it has only operated for six months, how can it be right, if it is such a good thing, that we are only getting the same number as in 1951?

The "Bulletin for Industry," a Treasury publication, in April, 1951, used these words: "The first tendency in answering that question is to assume that because raw material 1052 shortages started with the Korean Crisis and American stockpiling," and so on.

The "Bulletin for Industry," a Treasury publication, in April, 1951, used these words:The first tendency in answering that question is to assume that because raw materialshortages started with the Korean Crisis and American stockpiling,and so on.

The action the Board of Trade took in the early summer of last year in getting utility goods into the shops at reasonable prices was a blessing to the ordinary folk of this country who use utility goods, because they were made available in reasonable quantities and at reasonable prices and then the Korean Crisis came upon us.

1954 to 1955

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Then there is the question of the loss of the special advantage in early call-up which we made to meet the Korean Crisis.

I am sad, to say the least, about the decision to disband the eight infantry battalions which were raised during the Korean Crisis of three years ago.

The reason why I wanted particularly to hear what the present Lord Chancellor on behalf of the then Opposition said, was that I thought the hon. Gentleman implied that the pledge was that National Service would be reduced from two years to 18 months on the termination of the Korean Crisis.

1956 to 1957

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It was the Korean Crisis which created the absolute necessity to work up the size of the active Army.

Is the Minister aware that he is not strictly correct when he says that the Home Guard was re-formed to deal with the Korean Crisis?

At that time, the Korean Crisis was in full cry and in those conditions the Government of the day took the decision they did, and very right they were.


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Again, during the Korean Crisis a Deputy Controller was appointed to work in London—and he is still shown in the Navy Estimates, but is now called the Assistant Controller.

It is a little difficult to understand why some of the senior posts at the Admiralty, which were introduced at the time of the Korean Crisis in order to cope with the great expansion which then took place, still exist.

As new supplies were beginning to come on to the market after the war, there arose the Korean Crisis, which gave a new twist to the buying of commodities.

1959 to 1960

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What is the situation today compared with what it was in 1954, a year a little away from the Korean Crisis?

The chief capital expense - Subhead D.2 - we expected to be involved in in 1959–60 was the final settlement of a claim for additional costs incurred by a contractor for the erection of a rotary kiln during the Korean Crisis.


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When speaking of these Measures, hon. and right hon. Members opposite over and over again have referred to the action of the party on this side in introducing, so they suggested, a similar Measure - although the similarities are few and far between - in 1951 as a result of the economic difficulties with which we were then faced as a result of the Korean Crisis.

Indeed, it so happens that the moment when we did not have the deterrent but when the Americans had it and the Russians did not have it was the very moment when, in fact, the Russians were most aggressive, at the time of the Korean Crisis.

As my hon. Friend the Member for Nelson and Colne (Mr. S. Silverman) pointed out, at the time of the Korean Crisis, whatever one may have thought about the merits or demerits of becoming involved in Korea at all, the decision was taken in a few hours, and even in that case, as I recell it, there was a full debate in the House of Commons before the decision was taken on whether Britain herself would be committed.

I qualify that by saying that it was not so easy as might be thought, because, even with all the vast number of men at our disposal, during the Korean Crisis we had to extend the term of engagement and call up reserves.

1974 to 1979

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There have been several occasions on the world stage when the leaders of mankind have walked right to the brink, in the Korean Crisis and over Cuba.

Does he realise - I am quite sure that he does - that there are many widows whose husbands were called up at the Korean Crisis, who were ratings and chief petty officers and who died in that campaign or just afterwards, who have not received any pension of any kind, but that if their husbands had been officers they would have received a 50 per cent.

When I was in the Territorial Army it looked as though we might be called up during the Korean Crisis.


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The Government, in their response, have followed in the courageous tradition of Clement Attlee when he put our war-weary and almost economically destitute country firmly behind America at the onset of the Korean Crisis.

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