Last Year Crisis

Including: Crisis of Last Year, Crisis of the Last Year

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1826 - 2011

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1826 to 1848

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over 22 years

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And this brought him to the consideration of the share which the Bank was supposed to have had in contributing to the Crisis of Last Year.

The Crisis of Last Year left the great mass of the people without the ordinary means of support.

In consequence of the Crisis of Last Year, and the difficulties of their position, he had not thought it fair to expect that their measures would be immediately developed; but he confessed he had looked forward with anxiety, though at the same time with confidence, to find at the commencement of this new Parliament some measures of a decisive character brought forward to tranquillise the people of Ireland.


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The fact was that, in consequence of the commercial Crisis of Last Year, the late Board of Admiralty had not been able to complete all the contracts—some were even now incomplete, and therefore it was impossible to spend with advantage during the ensuing year a 342 larger sum of money than that now proposed.

The advantage to the public of such a guarantee as he proposed was, that it would attract the sound capital which the commercial Crisis of Last Year had frightened away from commercial speculations; and it was requisite that it should be attracted for this purpose, for he believed that the sum that would be needed would amount to something more like £7,000,000 than £1,000,000, if the wants of the whole population were to be met.

Owing to the stagnation of trade, from the financial Crisis of Last Year, great distress prevailed in the eastern part of the metropolis.


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Mr. CHAMBERLAIN: I am aware of the strain imposed upon certain approved societies by causes connected with the industrial Crisis of Last Year.

First, it is designed, so we are informed, to protect the community against a general strike, and, secondly, we are told that the industrial Crisis of Last Year provides all the justification required for the Government's proposals.


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and can he say that those countries were better able than this country to face the Crisis of Last Year?

The newspaper continues: "Mr. Straker recalls the helplessness of many representatives when confronted by the financial Crisis of Last Year.

Before the Crisis of Last Year, during the first eight years after the War, unemployment in this country was almost steady at about 1,250,000.

If the right hon. Gentleman will read what he said, I think that he will agree with me that it puts an altogether different complexion upon the Crisis of Last Year from that which prevailed in this House at this time last year.

1939 to 1963

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Since the Crisis of Last Year, the patronage of many cinemas in different parts of the country has fallen by no less than 25 per cent.

The Crisis of the Last Year, and probably the crises that we have had over a number of years, have been crises of the nation trying to do too much and stretching its resources beyond its ability.

So I suggest that what is now required is two things - final removal of the extra protective barriers erected by Canada to fend off her Crisis of Last Year, accompanied by a renewed thrust from British exporters of goods and services to the Canadian market.

1975 to 2011

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The agricultural Crisis of Last Year must not be repeated.

Can the Minister tell the House the proportion of foreign prisoners to other kinds of detainees, and whether that has increased since the Crisis of Last Year as the Sunday Telegraphalleges?

In answer to questions, the DWP has told me that Last Year Crisis loans for cookers and bedding totalled some £27 million.

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