Length a Crisis

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1833 - 1853

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1833 to 1853

two mentions

over 20 years

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Long oppressed as that country had been by centuries of mismanagement, and oppressed still further by mischievous agitation—oppressed by those fomenters of evil discord who live and fatten upon the ills of I heir country—oppressed by those harpies, or birds of prey, who had soared over and watched the agonies of their victim, ready to pierce their destructive talons into its side—oppressed he admitted, and said, it had been, but at Length a Crisis had, however, arrived in its fate.

It was utterly incomprehensible to him how the court could be chargeable with this, since the reason why these estates had brought so low a price was because the landed proprietors of Ireland were plunged into such an abyss of distress and difficulty, until at Length a Crisis came, and enormous masses of property were thrown into the market at once; and that a Parliamentary title was given, instead of being an injury, the greatest advantage was derived by those interested in the property; it, in fact, was the salvation of the property.

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