Life Crisis

Including: Crisis in Life, Crisis of the Life, Crisis in the Life, Crisis in Their Life

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1906 - 2013

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1906 to 1918

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over 12 years

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The venerable Dr. Rigg, the nestor of the Conference, said— "This is the most critical and perhaps most favourable and perhaps most dangerous Crisis in the Life of England, and the burden of it rests upon Christian educators and education".

We succeeded after a very great struggle, and—after what was in the nature of a Crisis in the Life of the Land Bill—we succeeded in getting a concession excluding non-judicial tenants, and the Bill then proceeded, but from the first we never disguised our view that we did not approve of the zones.

We are in a grave Crisis of the Life of the Empire.

1942 to 1951

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over nine years

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However small the minority - in some cases it is not so small - it is surely intolerable that in such a Crisis in the Life of the nation, men, workers or managers, should be all awed to absent themselves unreasonably from war work or slack at their benches; or loaf in the dockyards, or in any hour of duty give less than their best to the nation.

He suggested that they were the most cultured people in the world and could face any Crisis in Life with the utmost facility and grace.

The second letter is from a London registrar who has seen thousands of men and women for a period of some 20 years at a time of great Crisis in Life - birth, marriage and death.

1954 to 1968

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over 14 years

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It was Pericles who made the speech some time ago, and if I may quote his definition of good health, it goes something like this:It is that state of moral, mental and physical well-being which enables any man to face any Crisis in Life with the utmost facility and grace.

If I have any qualification to make, it is this: we are, in this next year, going to approach a financial Crisis in the Life of the United Nations.

The idea has not, therefore, suddenly arrived at a particular time of Crisis in the Life of the Prime Minister.

1984 to 2001

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over 17 years

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There are emotional reasons why people get into debt-when, for example, they become psychiatrically ill, when they lose a job, when they suffer a Life Crisis, when the family runs into a crisis - and there are reasons connected directly with illness.

They need someone who can get alongside them and help them to tackle the problem that has put them on the streets in the first place, whether it is drug dependency, alcoholism or some other Crisis in Their Life.

His end of working Life Crisis may mean long-term unemployment or a reliance on temporary or low-paid work.

2002 to 2013

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over 11 years

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Our experience of constituency case work suggests that the early part of a Life Crisis that can put people in a dependent position, for what one hopes will be a short time, is often the most difficult.

They have fallen upon a Crisis in Their Life and there is no immediate assistance available.

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