London Housing Crisis

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1965 - 2016

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1965 to 1979

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over 14 years

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The responsibility for the London Housing Crisis and for the miseries caused by the Rent Act in every one of our great conurbations is something which hon. Members opposite cannot wriggle out of now that the Report is published.

They are not causing the housing shortage and the housing crises which the right hon. Member for Hamp-stead (Mr. Brooke) implied they were, and I would have thought that the right hon. Gentleman at least would have known that the Milner Holland Report says:Immigrants are the victims, not the cause of the London Housing Crisis.

In the last few months correspondence has shown that the London Housing Crisis is worse than at any time in recent years.

1987 to 2008

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over 21 years

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That is a component of the London Housing Crisis and shows how unemployment in one area feeds the social problems of another.

The availability of that large area of vacant land was an historical opportunity to solve the London Housing Crisis once and for all.

I look forward to hearing from the Minister what the Government's response to the London Housing Crisis will be.

2014 to 2016

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The London Housing Crisis exemplifies with brutal clarity the extent to which we have a not only dysfunctional but dangerous housing market, fuelled by policies focused largely on demand that have not impacted sufficiently on supply.

Yes, there is a Crisis in London Housing.

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