Montserrat Crisis

Including: Crisis in Montserrat

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1998 - 2001

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1998 to 2000

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The Government accept that lessons must be learnt from the handling of the Montserrat Crisis.

The way in which the Government deal with the Montserrat Crisis is a test of their commitment to the region.

Her handling of the Montserrat Crisis gave widespread offence and caused the Foreign Secretary to take the management of the dependent territories away from her Department.


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Thirdly, does the Minister share my disappointment that the West Indies guard ship is not in the area, especially in the light of the great contribution that it made during the Crisis in Montserrat?

I do not rush to judge whether the stewardship of the Montserrat Crisis by the Secretary of State was good or bad, but there was disagreement and those people did not have the right to raise the issue in this place.

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