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1948 - 2015

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1948 to 1957

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over nine years

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Second, we are told by those best capable of analysing the position and advising us that the industry is in one More Crisis, or could almost be said to be in a state of continuous crisis.

On the contrary, it was just one more expedient leading to one More Crisis, as the Chancellor so aptly phrased the Government's earlier policy.

That is important, because if the gamble fails and there is one More Crisis, it will be the last for a long time.

1965 to 1997

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over 32 years

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Is this just one More Crisis?

Of course we want to see more respite care; of course we want to see more assessments; of course we want to see More Crisis avoidance in the carers' situation.

More Crisis provision in the community is not incompatible with more in-patient psychiatric beds.

1998 to 2001

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over three years

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The Government have provided emergency and development support on-island, amounting to a commitment since the beginning of the Crisis of More than £51 million, of which £44 million has already been spent.

Since then, things have got decidedly worse, with more post office closures, local rural schools closing - one closed in my constituency only last year - the highest petrol taxes anywhere in Europe, country pursuits now facing extinction and farming facing the worst Crisis in More than 60 years.

This is an issue that has rightly been rising up the political agenda over large swathes of the country, partly because the green belt is seen to be in More Crisis than ever.

2002 to 2003

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That is why it has been able to improve services, with six More Crisis resolution teams, eight more assertive outreach teams, at least 12 more community gateway staff and at least 14 more staff to give carers breaks.

We have 62 More Crisis resolution teams, 22 more early intervention teams and there are 25 per cent.

This confirms the potential of the Supporting People programme to make a real difference in helping vulnerable people to live as part of their local community, and its key role in preventing the need for More Crisis and institutional care.

2005 to 2011

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over six years

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I know that the development of More Crisis resolution teams is a priority in Cambridge.

I then asked him: "Or potentially on a system with More Crisis loans"?

Of course not, and the law will be followed, but we may find that European Governments have to gather yet again for More Crisis summits in the not-too-distant future.

2012 to 2015

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over three years

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There was no mention of the new jobs that we need, and nothing to turn round the Crisis of More than 1 million young people being out of work.

As your Lordships are well aware, though, the UK financial system is emerging from the most serious financial Crisis in More than 100 years.

They have to make More Crisis interventions, which are costly in human and in financial terms.

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