Original Crisis

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1928 - 2012

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1928 to 2001

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over 73 years

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Mr. HOPKINSON: Do not the figures show conclusively that the Original Crisis has now passed?

All these matters will later have to be examined afresh, including the investigation of how the Original Crisis arose.

The humanitarian effort involves not just dropping food parcels but helping those countries to rebuild themselves so that the tensions that exist within them are mitigated and they can see that the hand of friendship is being held out, even after the Original Crisis has moved on.

2007 to 2012

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over five years

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Has the Home Secretary dealt effectively with the Original Crisis and has she been open and honest with the public?

I do so not simply for the sake of it, but because a large number of hon. Members were not in this place when the Original Crisis broke.

Can the Minister tell us why that group of people, who have bungled everything since the Original Crisis hit our system, should be given more power?

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