Parliamentary Crisis

Including: Immediate Parliamentary Crisis, Great Parliamentary Crisis

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1894 - 1977

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1894 to 1922

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over 28 years

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We know that he was a thoroughgoing Home Ruler in 1886, but after the Parliamentary Crisis he made a speech in which he denounced Mr. Parnell's ideas of Home Rule as Fenian Home Rule.

If we do that we are running the risk of a Great Parliamentary Crisis.

Three times have I stood at this Box to defend the 1794 Government in a period of Parliamentary Crisis, occasioned because they followed the advice of Sir Henry Wilson in military matters.

1932 to 1945

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over 13 years

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We know that, as and when that improvement occurs, then the fear of a Parliamentary Crisis and pressure of other legislation disappears, and the Government can keep their pledge.

First, there is our present method of allowing grievances to accumulate until they precipitate a Parliamentary Crisis, and, after a series of hurried and unsatisfactory conferences upstairs, produce a botch of a report.

Indeed, when a Bill affecting land was produced there was nearly a Parliamentary Crisis about it.

1947 to 1950

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over three years

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I hope that the right hon. Gentleman will not provoke a Parliamentary Crisis by pressing it on the House tonight.

These were Measures about which politicians got very excited for many years and which led to a Parliamentary Crisis.

Secondly, we try to graft on to that basis a commercial orbusiness management capable of acting with speed, capable of rapid decisions, and a business concern which is in a situation whereby it can make mistakes from time to time without causing an Immediate Parliamentary Crisis or furore, or great criticism or embarrassment for the Minister.

1960 to 1977

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over 17 years

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If the British are true to their political genius, there will be a Parliamentary Crisis before long when the issue is ripe.

Its crowning infamy was the introduction of the land taxes which created a Parliamentary Crisis and which eventually led to the Parliament Act.

But, as David Wood pointed out today in The Times:The advantages to the Government are no more than a temporary salvation from a Parliamentary Crisis.

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