Pension Provision Crisis

Including: Crisis in Pension Provision, Crisis in Pensions Provision

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2002 - 2006

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I believe that there is a Crisis in Pensions Provision and that that crisis is now.

For that reason, it does not convey the present sense of Crisis in Pension Provision.


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Is he aware that, at a time of Crisis in Pensions Provision, the Government have not provided time in either House to debate the Green Paper?

The Government have presided over a Crisis in Pensions Provision.

The reality is that there is a Crisis in Pensions Provision, both in the state and in the private sector.

At least, finally, the Government have recognised that there is a Crisis in Pension Provision.

It should be warmly welcomed, because it shows that the Government are making a real attempt to deal with what a number of us regard as a Crisis in Pension Provision.

2005 to 2006

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It is also appropriate to say thatthe hon. Member for Portsmouth, North (Sarah McCarthy-Fry) - she was obviously encouraged to give way to interventions to an extent that she may never do again - highlighted the fact that the Pension Provision Crisis is far wider than the issue of incentivising private saving, which will always be easier for those individuals on higher incomes.

Our starting point for this exercise is a bout of realism - a recognition of the looming Crisis in Pensions Provision.

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