Perpetual Crisis

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1969 - 2009

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1969 to 1973

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He is the real villain of the piece, the creator of the state of Perpetual Crisis which gives him the necessary pretext for running a system which involves State control of the private pocket in the individual.

It seems to me - and this was the reason I rose yesterday - that what justifies this debate as a matter of urgency is not the Perpetual Crisis through which we have been living in the past 18 months or more, but the particularly ugly circumstance that there are people at work, whoever they may be, who seem to hate humanity as such.

If no General Election is planned and the Government hope still to be holding on to office do they expect a situation of more or less Perpetual Crisis?

1981 to 1999

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If the EEC countries co-operate it is said that the gullible United Kingdom is being conned by foreigners, and if that does not happen there is a Perpetual Crisis.

That means that, if the RAWP guidelines continue to be enforced so enthusiastically, we shall be faced locally with a Perpetual Crisis.

Only by keeping Serbia and the surrounding countries in a state of Perpetual Crisis is he able to remain in power.

2004 to 2006

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The Minister is like a schoolboy who is in a Perpetual Crisis about getting his homework in on time.

The Government are in a state of Perpetual Crisis management and, I am afraid, they are still more prone to crisis than to management in this regard.

For reasons that have been outlined, the CSA has been in a state of almost Perpetual Crisis since it was established by the Conservatives in 1993, and it is still in crisis today.

In the late 1980s, the noble and learned Lord, Lord Woolf, the then Lord Chief Justice, in his inquiries into the Prison Service following the Strangeways riots, identified overcrowding as bringing Perpetual Crisis management to the system.


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It is absolutely critical, therefore, that in the time we have available now, before the situation reaches that level of Perpetual Crisis, we sort out all the problems that have been highlighted by the extreme flooding events of recent years-and not just flooding, of course but droughts, water shortages and coastal erosion from tides and storm surges.

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