Persian Crisis

Including: Recent Persian Crisis

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1908 - 1956

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I think His Majesty's Government are justified in saying that during the Recent Persian Crisis the existence of the Convention afforded a considerable guarantee for international peace.


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Therefore, this figure is likely already to have been seriously affected by the Persian Crisis.

The Persian Crisis is not an isolated phenomenon.

On 27th July, "The Times" said:In consequence of the Persian Crisis the R.A.F. ambulance aircraft service between Korea and Britain has been cancelled.

The right hon. Member for Ipswich (Mr. Stokes) explained something of the record of the late Government in dealing with the Persian Crisis, but he did not, in my submission, explain away at all their most abject failure, a failure which, I believe, should have swept them out of office even had there been no other shortcomings for which they had to account.


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I do not myself object to the precautionary steps announced by the Prime Minister today; I think that any Government would have to do that, as we had to do it during the Persian Crisis.

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