Personal Debt Crisis

Including: Crisis in Personal Debt, Crisis of Personal Debt

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2004 - 2015

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2004 to 2010

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The Personal Debt Crisis must be tackled, because it is ruining lives.

In an environment of rising interest rates, many of those families who are just on the edge of a Personal Debt Crisis will be tipped over it.

Many of us recognise the extent of the Personal Debt Crisis in this country; rather than having people going into the arms of loan sharks, Members on both sides of the House are trying to encourage credit unions.

2011 to 2014

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The looming Crisis in Personal Debt was summed up last April by Citizens Advice Scotland, which said: "The problem is not just the number of people who are in debt.

They are deeply concerned that doing nothing to regulate these firms is feeding a growing Crisis of Personal Debt for families across the country, and they want action.

A Personal Debt Crisis is brewing because millions of people are trying to make ends meet and pay for the debt they took on to try to make ends meet previously.


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The Bill has singularly failed to do anything about the Personal Debt Crisis now facing our country.

” They go on to say that if the Government “chooses to try to inflexibly run surpluses…Households, consumers and businesses may have to borrow more overall, and the risk of a Personal Debt Crisis to rival 2008 could be very real indeed.

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