Poverty Crisis

Including: Crisis of Poverty, Crisis in the Poverty, Real Poverty Crisis

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1970 - 2015

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1970 to 1986

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over 16 years

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Does the Prime Minister recognise that in his self-made Poverty Crisis the weakest have gone to the wall?

There is a Crisis in the Poverty of an unemployed man with a wife and two children living on £61·80 a week and a housing allowance for month after month and year after year.

At a time when the Poverty Crisis gripping this country is an all-time record, is not this statement thoroughly disgraceful?

1990 to 2013

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over 23 years

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Is it in order for the House to confine a debate on the Crisis of Poverty and homelessness to rather less than two hours in order to spend three hours discussing football?

The Crisis of Poverty among many of my constituents and those of my colleagues is equally deserving of money, and we should pledge to spend money on them in the next term of this Labour Government.

The rush to make short-term savings will cause irreparable damage to those who are most in need of protection, and risks transforming our current economic challenges in this country into a very Real Poverty Crisis.


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Poverty Crisis

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