Power Crisis

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1918 - 2016

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1918 to 1947

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and will he say what steps are being taken in the present man-Power Crisis to find employment for such officers?

In the "Economic Survey for 1947," following the series of objectives for 1947, we have paragraph 120 containing the following words:Moreover, the present distribution of the labour force, by industries and by places, is not satisfactory; a wide range of industries are under-manned, while others are getting too much manpower in relation to the raw materials available; in Wales, unemployment before the Power Crisis was 7½ per cent.


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In Dunstable Vauxhall was on a three-day week before the Power Crisis began, not because of inflationary wage claims or inadequate investment, but because of the world and home demand situation and also, I believe, because of the 22 per cent.

In my view, he should be spending much less time trying to twist the arms - some would have said break the backs - of his hon. and right hon. Friends who feel they have no mandate to support this Bill, and more of his time trying to resolve the Power Crisis and other important crises facing the nation at this time.

To conclude, we have recently been experiencing a Power Crisis due to a shortage of coal.

Mr. Wingfield Digby asked the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry whether, in view of the Recent Power Crisis, he will now authorise the Central Electricity Generating Board to order a new nuclear power station with a reactor of the type developed at Winfrith Heath, Dorset.

Mr. Bryan: There was a delay in delivery of initial supplies of the forms to some of my Department's local employment offices due to the Power Crisis, but my information is that all local offices now have adequate supplies.

The numbers temporarily stopped were comprised mainly of those laid off as a result of the Power Crisis.

TOTAL NUMBERS OF PEOPLE REGISTERED AS UNEMPLOYED IN THE AREAS COVERED BY THE MACCLESFIELD AND CONGLETON EMPLOYMENT EXCHANGES Total Temporarily stopped included in total May, 1972 Macclesfield … 767 10 Congleton … 265 — February, 1972* Macclesfield … 838 19 Congleton … 2,055 1,816 * The numbers temporarily stopped were comprised mainly of those laid off as a result of the Power Crisis.

1973 to 1974

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They stuck out rather like fairy lights in a Power Crisis, and I fear that "not normal" and "rarities" tend to become the rule rather than the exception as legislation is enacted.

I hope that the House will not pass the motion until we have had an assurance about the position of the disabled and people in need of social services - those with problems of mental health, for example - as a result of the Crisis in Power, energy and the economy.

It was a period, moreover, when most of our energy was taken up by the Power Crisis.

The relatively high figure in the first quarter of 1972 may be attributed to cuts in street lighting because of the Power Crisis in February-March.

1975 to 1986

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The credibility gap over the three-day working week arose when the Government of the day, having cut back television time because, they said, the Power Crisis was so serious, immediately extended it again simply because there was a General Election about to take place.

† In February 1972 the volume of short-time was affected by the Power Crisis and in February 1974 by the coal mining dispute.

Has the Minister read the reports that prophesy a Power Crisis in the 1990s, which will lead to possible blackouts?

2010 to 2016

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To stave off Britain's looming Power Crisis, the Tories are committed to building more nuclear power stations.

In these ways it hopes to get through the next three years without a Power Crisis.

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