Rating Crisis

Including: Crisis in Rating

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1973 - 1987

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1973 to 1974

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We tend to look upon the Rating Crisis in much too glib and easy a manner.

The shadow of the Rating Crisis which hangs over our larger and older cities looms over those talks.

There are a number of strands in a debate on the Rating Crisis, and several of them have emerged today.

1985 to 1987

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While we obviously welcome this further attempt by the Secretary of State to extricate himself from a mess of his own making, may I tell him that, if he believes that it will resolve the Rating Crisis, he will soon be disabused of that notion?

Does he accept that the Crisis in Rating was deliberately and cynically caused by the Government who clawed back over £1·5 billion from the Scottish people?

The director of finance for the Glasgow district council, Mr. William English, who is respected in local government circles throughout the country, has said about the Rating Crisis in Glasgow that if the poll tax were introduced tomorrow it would mean that every person over the age of 18 would have to find £292.

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