Rwandan Crisis

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1994 - 1996

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The remarkable fact about the Rwandan Crisis is not the poor nature of the response but the wilful negligence that helped to create the conditions of the crisis.


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Including our share of EC aid, we have spent more than £62 million on the Rwandan Crisis since last April.

This brings our total assistance to the Rwandan Crisis since April 1994 to nearly £80 million.

Specifically, we have provided around £3 million of bilateral and emergency aid for Burundi since November 1993 and £6 million for Tanzania since the start of the Rwandan Crisis.


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Since April 1994, Britain has committed nearly £100 million to the Rwandan Crisis, including our contribution to European Union assistance which is worth some £41.

The United Kingdom's input in the Rwandan Crisis was well regarded in the report.

Finally, will the right hon. Gentleman recognise the importance, during and after this tragedy, of examining the failure of the United Nations to deal with the Rwandan Crisis; and of examining the constant support offered by a number of western Governments to the dictatorship in Zaire, which has helped to foment this desperate crisis?

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