Second Crisis

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1933 - 2016

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1933 to 1968

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over 35 years

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This, coupled with the Stock Exchange collapse in America, brought about a Second Crisis.

The Second Crisis is the fact that we are faced with a fundamental reorganisation of London government - something which the hon. Member for the City of Chester (Mr. Temple), in bold and vigorous language, described as a considerable administrative upheaval.

This leads me to the Second Crisis which hinges on the shortage of teachers and the employment of unqualified people.

1979 to 1986

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over seven years

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A Second Crisis facing those at the bottom of the income pile in our society is "What are we doing to raise the relative living standards of the poorest"?

It is the Second Crisis to hit the industry in six years.

The Second Crisis was touched on when the Secretary of State said that money cannot solve everything, because it is one of purpose.

1992 to 1998

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over six years

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The Second Crisis has a profound effect on our economy - the debt overhang, the problems of the construction industry and the lack of confidence in the housing market.

Unfortunately, far from the hospital suddenly becoming magically viable - even with the extra sums of money donated by the region to set up the political stalking horse - although more patients were certainly treated, there was an overspend every year, and we are now approaching the Second Major Crisis.

A Second Crisis developed with Saddam Hussein's further obstruction, which culminated in November when he again broke his solemn and binding promises almost as soon as they were made.

2001 to 2004

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over three years

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For East Anglian pig farmers, suffering the Second Crisis in seven months, the future is not looking good.

The Second Crisis, which is very much the other side of the coin, is the deterioration - which is sliding quickly into what may become a collapse - in the pension expectations of middle-aged and younger people across a wide spectrum of earnings.

The Second Crisis is that of the collapse of the savings ratio.

2009 to 2013

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over four years

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The Second Crisis revolves around the conditions for civilians who manage to escape the fighting.

At one stage last week, I had great fear that we were talking ourselves into a Second Crisis that would have undermined BP and, indeed, the whole offshore oil and gas industry, but I am glad that things seem to have calmed down over the weekend.

Where there is a Second Crisis, we will look at referral to the local authority provision as a way of dealing with that.


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The Second Crisis that we face is over school finance.

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