Shortage Crisis

Including: Crisis in the Shortage, Crisis of Shortage

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1955 - 1989

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1955 to 1972

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over 17 years

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If we accept, as I think we must, that the numbers from the Royal Air Force will prove inadequate for civil aviation if it is to maintain its strength, it behoves us for the country's sake to take advice with all speed to set about finding the pilots we need before a Crisis of Shortage can become apparent.

I have at times drawn the attention of the House to the Crisis in the Shortage of teachers in mathematics.

Is she aware that the first problem is the difficulty for a city such as Portsmouth to finance its present educational programme, let alone improve it, and does she realise the burden that this places on the ratepayers as compared with other cities of roughly thesecond problem is the severe Crisis in the Shortage of residential and work accommodation in the polytechnic which is developing rapidly, and the stress which this is placing upon the city, which is short of accommodation for its own purposes?

1973 to 1988

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over 15 years

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At that time I warned that the construction industry was facing a Crisis in the Shortage of skilled craftsmen.

Shortage Crisis

Even today, in spite of the substantial pooling of resources that ILEA can undertake, we are nearing Crisis in the Shortage of teachers and in the lack of primary school places in Tower Hamlets.


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Let us settle for there being a Crisis in the Shortage of teachers in certain subjects and certain areas.

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