Social Housing Crisis

Including: Serious Social Housing Crisis, Current Social Housing Crisis, Acute Social Housing Crisis, Crisis in Social Housing, Crisis of Social Housing

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2003 - 2016

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2003 to 2006

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The hon. Gentleman said that in some areas of acute housing demand, a real Crisis of Social Housing is being created.

She is right to point out that the Current Social Housing Crisis was started under the right-to-buy scheme when there was not adequate replacement to ensure that we had the necessary housing stock.


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We face a Social Housing Crisis in Yorkshire and nationally.

I also echo the comments about the Tory Government who created a Social Housing Crisis, but they have been replaced by a Labour Government who have failed to address it in any meaningful way.

We need a bolder approach, as we should all accept, but the issue goes back to the biggest problem, which is the Crisis in Social Housing.

Bearing in mind the fact that getting on the housing ladder is the major difficulty facing our young people, as well as the Crisis in Social Housing, will the Minister tell the House what is the total waiting list for housing in Northern Ireland?


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I appeal to the Government to recognise that the Social Housing Crisis can be dealt with only by accepting that the building of council housing or housing association property is an end in itself.

Of course, it could be argued that the Crisis in Social Housing - for it was and is a crisis - was inherited by the Prime Minister from his predecessor, who saw the number of social houses built per year fall to just over 17,000.

Finally, although it is outwith the subjects of today's debate, there is a significant health challenge as regards the Crisis in Social Housing, and I hope that government departments will work together to address it.

2009 to 2010

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We know that there is a Crisis in Social Housing.

Combined with freeing up councils to borrow prudentially, it could play a massive role in tackling the Social Housing Crisis that we face.

We still have a Social Housing Crisis.

2011 to 2012

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It will take a Labour Mayor and a Labour Government to resolve the Crisis of Social Housing in London.

I believe that we face a Social Housing Crisis that is not of this coalition Government's making.

There was an Acute Social Housing Crisis because a lot of London had been bombed and there was no accommodation available.

2015 to 2016

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It would also transfer to the Scottish Parliament significant new resources with which to deal with the ongoing Crisis in Social Housing.

However, we have a Serious Social Housing Crisis.

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