Some Other Crisis

Including: Some Other Minor Crisis

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1936 - 2013

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1936 to 1962

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over 26 years

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Possibly there was Some Other Crisis.

If the situation gets worse and the right hon. Gentleman can prove that Some Other Crisis is at the root of the trouble all he has to do is to come to the House.

That is the danger facing the world and I hope and trust that every effort will be made by Her Majesty's Government and by the people of this country to impress upon our American friends that we do not want any more brinkmanship and that they should not feel, having been successful on this occasion, that they should go out of their way to bring about a similar kind of situation when Some Other Crisis arises.

1963 to 2013

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over 50 years

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It may be that one day the baby has a cold, or there is Some Other Minor Crisis, and their only means of urgent communication with their relatives is by telegram.

The point that I take from this debate is that, if we resolve the immediate conflict in the next two or three weeks - perhaps we will - the danger is that, once again, most of the major Governments outside the area will wash their hands, walk away and look at Some Other Crisis.

On many occasions, we have had to debate all the stages of a Bill in one day to deal with the suspension of the Assembly, with Some Other Crisis, or with its reinstatement.

I also suspect that, if we do not take that step now, we will have to take it in five or 10 years' time when Some Other Crisis emerges.

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