Unexampled Crisis

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1849 - 1934

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1849 to 1885

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over 36 years

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This result was doubly grateful when he referred back to the present period of last year, which offered an Unexampled Crisis, such, indeed, as few nations could have survived, and which was followed just as they were beginning to revive from its effects, by convulsions on the Continent, which threatened for a time to destroy all credit, and annihilate all commerce.

Parliament then stood prorogued until the 20th of November; but they never had any explanation why, in the midst of an almost Unexampled Crisis, Ministers postponed the re-assembling of the Legislature until the 6th of January, thus allowing outrage to go on unchecked for four months.

Earl Spencer has been attacked because he has made use of the powers deliberately conferred upon him by Parliament in a period of Unexampled Crisis throe years ago.


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We can take pride in the fact that, having negotiated the most Unexampled Crisis that this country has ever known in its finances, we have continued at a higher social level than any other nation in the 1125 world.

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